Guide to filling out IEEE Copyright Transfer

  1. Log in to URL:
    Use the username and password given via email copyright
  2. When at the IEEE Publication Agreement
    Click “Start”
  3. Make sure the article displayed is the article youth
    Click “Continue”
  4. PLEASE Edit Your Article Details, if necessary.
    At this stage, Mr / Mrs, make sure the title of the paper and the author’s order is appropriate. The mother can do the editing process at this stage. Click “Save” if it has finished editing.
    Click “Continue”
  5. When at Step 2: Confirm Article Originality and Signature Authority
    Check in the “I Agree” section
    Click “Continue”
  6. Continue Click “Continue” until at Step Stage 4: Complete The Publication Agreement
    Scroll down and type the name of the father/mother
  7. Click “Confirm” to complete the copyright transfer stage process
  8. Mr / Ms can download Copy Document Transfer Copyright (also sent to email)
  9. Click “Done.”